High School Building, Clifton Road

The Rugby High School for Girls moved to the Clifton Road site in 1927 from its original site in Elsee Road. In 1961 the school moved again to its present site on the Bilton side of town. The old buildings were taken over by the Rugby Technical College when it was hoping to become a polytechnic. For many years the building was used for the Art School.

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Photo of front of building

Clifton Road elevation with main entrance in the middle

Photo of rear of building

Rear of building looking west. Main hall in the middle and arcade across the quadrangle on right

More Photos

In the early 1990's new buildings were provided for the art school on the Lower Hillmorton Road end of the site and the old High School buildings were not required. A proposal to convert the school into an old peoples home but did not come to anything. The whole of the old school building and playing field were sold and redeveloped for housing.

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